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Hot Spots
"Carol Wax, Dance of Shadows
from March 5th until June 19th 2011
Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts

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A list of all the businesses that opened up their virtual shops at Psirri Online!

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1958-Karaiskaki & Ermou St.

Photo: Afroditi Kokkalani

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Desktop Wallpapers
Turn your desktop into a window overlooking the cobblestone streets and secret corners of Psirri with these great images, captured through the lens of Psirri Online. Click "preview" to view a sample or select your monitor resolution and click on the corresponding link to download the zipped image.
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 Taking a Break Preview 640x480 800x600
 Cigarette Break Preview 640x480 800x600
 The Old Neigborhood Preview 640x480 800x600
 Psirri Online Desktop Preview 640x480 800x600

Screensavers (for Windows)
Save your screen with Psirri Online! A collection of 40+ high quality images of the Psirri area. Authentic vintage photographs combined with vibrant colorful scenes from modern day Psirri make this screensaver a must-have for Psirri lovers and photography buffs alike.
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