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"Carol Wax, Dance of Shadows
from March 5th until June 19th 2011
Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts

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It is well known that the area of Psirri has created its own atmosphere, something that renders it unique among the other traditional neighborhoods of Athens.

What makes it so unique and picturesque? Its people of course?

A lot of people are natives to Psirri, whereas there are others that have come to Psirri at a very young age in order to work or live.

Whatever his or her relationship with the area is, everyone agrees that Psirri offers something different.

PSIRRI YESTERDAY & TODAY is dedicated to all those people who will be sharing with you their experiences, memories, even their own expectations for the future of Psirri.

  • George Mavrofridis: From 1977, he practise the art of a cobbler in his workshop at Katsikoyianni 7 in Psirri, tel: 32 17 381
  • Dimitrios Vroutsis: He has been working as a barber in Psirri since September 17th 1950 when he acquired “his own chair” at Iroon sq. 5 in Psirri, tel: 32 18 302
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